The Formation of the Rugby Football Union in Yorkshire

The game of rugby was famously invented by William Webb Ellis as he caught and ran with the ball towards the goal line in 1823 during a game of football. However, the rules of the game were only devised in 1845.

  1. G. Hudson was one of the key figures which prompted the establishment of county authorities to regulate rugby competitions between counties like that of Yorkshire and Lancashire. Hudson founded the Leeds Athletic Club, which published a newspaper to invite players to play football on Woodhouse Moor.

The game grew in popularity, and other counties and communities formed their own teams. In 1874, authorities were meeting as a committee to promote the interests of the Yorkshire County Club. This club was often challenged by other counties, and the organisation underwent a couple of fundamental changes over the years.

In 1888, the Yorkshire County Club finally conceded, and the name of the union was formally changed to the Yorkshire Rugby Union. The union’s traditions of providing great entertainment and showcasing strong competition are notable.

Yorkshire Clubs

The rugby clubs that joined the ranks of the Yorkshire Rugby Football Union include Leeds Tykes, Rotherham R.U.F.C., Doncaster R.F.C., Hull Ionians, Wakefield RFC (non-playing), and Wharfedale R.U.F.C.

Clubs are always on the lookout for talented players to join their clubs. These clubs usually prowl schools for talented players. But any citizen of Yorkshire who believes they are up to the task can participate in try-outs to join a club.

Sports enthusiasts who enjoy the action-packed competition of the English Championship where the Rotherham Titans, Yorkshire Carnegie, and Doncaster Knights perform can enjoy games live in Yorkshire.

To find more information about rugby clubs and events in Yorkshire, contact the Whitby Rugby Club or access the resources on the site.

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