Notable Rugby World Cup Moments to Remember

Every dedicated rugby fan will have studied the matches in the Rugby World Cup. Since the inception of the tournament in 1987, the tournament has held millions of fans captive from around the world. The Whitby Rugby Club lets you reflect on a few key historical moments in the history of the game.

In the relatively short history of the tournament, there has been unforgettable tries, dramatic finales, and memorable individual performances.

The following matches have been highlighted by spectacular moments, with some of the most talented individuals to ever grace the game.

Jonny Wilkinson – RWC 2003

Jonny Wilkinson won the game during the final minute of the match in the 2003 RWC final. The kick was taken on his weaker right foot. England won their first-ever Rugby World Cup with only 20 seconds left to spare, but it was enough for a narrow victory of 20-17.

This is a game that the Australian Wallabies would like to forget but that English fans will forever cherish in their hearts.

Les Blues – RWC 1999

New Zealand went up against France in the 1999 semi-final. The All Blacks were the favourites going in, and everything seemed to go their way until France started converting tries without reply. France ended up adding 33 points and clinching a 43-31 victory over New Zealand. This is regarded by All Black fans as one of the greatest upsets in history.

Japan – RWC 2015

With no victory in 24 years, Japan played against South Africa to win a historic victory. Japan took the game into overtime to outplay the Springboks 34-32. Karne Hesketh made the final try in the game, and South African fans would rather forget this game.

Australia – RWC 2003

The Wallabies broke the world record for the largest winning margin in the history of the tournament by beating Namibia 142-0. The tries started rolling in with just 2 minutes of play on the clock, and the Australians succeeded in converting 22 tries by the end of the match.

There are many memorable moments in the history of the game. The Whitby Rugby Club provides readers with a number of resources to learn more about the game and its history.