The Whitby Rugby Club presents readers with an opportunity to access a variety of resources on this site. The following channels will give additional information about club rugby, games, teams, and the history of the sport in and around Yorkshire County.

The Rugby Paper –

This site provides readers with engaging articles about the world of club rugby. Find some interesting stories and fixtures to stay in the loop with the latest news and events occurring in the UK and around the world.

North Yorkshire Sport –

Get an overview of the Rugby League in Yorkshire. This platform encourages users to stay active in their community. It provides funding to various communities with the intention of promoting an active lifestyle through sport. Readers will find details about courses and events in and around the area of Yorkshire.

Welcome to Yorkshire –

Yorkshire County has its very own website! Users will find anything from “things to do”, “where to stay”, and of course, read about the Rugby Union in Yorkshire that has been in existence for more than a century. Travellers who are attending sports events in the county can get all the information they need right here!

Rugby League –

This online platform shows readers how they can get involved in competitions and community leagues in Yorkshire. Subscribers will get the latest articles about events and activities. The Rugby League is the governing body of the sport in the UK and in charge of sustaining the structure and integrity of the game.

BBC News –

The BBC is arguably one of the most reputable news sites in the world. Based in the UK, this site features fascinating programmes, with coverage featuring West Yorkshire sport and providing readers with informed articles. The site also features the Super League and Championship Coverage for avid followers of club rugby.

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